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Public Scholarship

Awards / Honors

2022 Prodesse Quam Conspici

2020 Spirit of Western College Award

2020 National Council on Family Relations Social Justice Award

2020 Inclusive Excellence Award (Miami University Athletics)

2019 Community Service Award Honoree (B. T. Washington Center)

Professional Organizations

National Council on Family Relations (NCFR)

Ohio Council of Family Relations

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Civic Engagement

Truth and Reconciliation Project

Oxford was the site of a historic marker unveiling ceremony as part of the Truth and Reconcilation Project, under the leadership of Dr. Anthony James and Dr. Valerie Robinson. The historic marker was in remembrance of Henry Corbin and Simon Garnett, to two Black men who were lynched in Oxford during the period of Reconstruction after the Civil War. Truth and Reconciliation Project is in partnership with the Equal Justice Initiative, an organization committed to changing the conversations on race in America. For more information on this somber and historical moment, click here.

Engaging in Diversity and Inclusion

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Imposter Syndrome

With Dr. Anthony James

Advancing the Scientific Study of Families

The COVID-19 pandemic magnified the need for transformation in higher education. This fall, we launched “Accelerating Ahead: Miami’s Focus on the Future,” a virtual, nine-session conference featuring 63 of the university’s brightest minds. Each session explores how higher education can succeed amid a global pandemic and beyond.

Working with Graduate Students

Dr. James shares his approach on working with graduate students

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