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Books By Dr. Anthony James

The cover of black families a systems approach.

Black Families
A Systems Approach

In this book, Dr. Anthony James convenes the voices of social scholars to examine the multifaceted nature of black family life. Grounded in family systems theory, this book endows its readers with a unique lens giving them clarity and perspective to better understand the nuances, structures of, and processes within the multi-facets of black family life.

Anthony james'primer on doing diversity, equity and inclusion book cover.

Primer on Doing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
A Practical Guide

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is an excellent and timely resource, whether for individuals and organizations who are new to concepts and processes related to DEI, or those who have experience but want to take their practices to the next level. It equips any grouping of individuals with a desire to advance issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion with the ability to clearly articulate their goals and then strategically move toward them.

What is family science an answer by anthony g james, phd.

What is Family Science
An Answer

WHAT IS FAMILY SCIENCE?: AN ANSWER is the perfect resource for anyone looking to increase their understanding of family science and its many applications.

This book will be used as the standard textbook for an introductory course at the Family Science Training Institute. It's written by an experienced family scientist, Anthony G. James Jr., Ph.D., who is a strong advocate of putting knowledge into practice – and helping families achieve their desired goals.

Letters to a young practitioner essays of advice.

Letters to a Young Practitioner

Letters to a Young Practitioner: Essays of Advice brings together invaluable insight from a variety of professionals in the counseling and educational practice fields into a single volume to provide students-in-training and new practitioners with mentorship. The text promotes career self-actualization and offers readers a greater understanding of the culture of their given profession, the technical knowledge they need to advance in their careers, suggestions for professional development, and more.

A practical guide to family goal setting by anthony g james, phd.

Family Goal Setting
A Practical Guide & Workbook

In “Family Goal Setting,” you’ll learn practical strategies for setting and achieving goals as a family. Whether you’re hoping to improve your communication, create a healthier lifestyle, or save money for a family vacation, this book has something for everyone.

This book will guide you through the process of setting meaningful goals that align with your family’s values and priorities. You’ll learn how to break down big goals into smaller, more manageable steps, and how to stay motivated and accountable as a family.

Handbook of asian american families.

Handbook of Asian American Families

Featuring contributed chapters from experts in the field, Handbook of Asian American Families provides readers with a developmental systems-based approach to understanding contemporary Asian American families. The book examines the intricacies of family relationships and dynamics within Asian American families and the structural factors that hinder or promote family functioning and the well-being of Asian immigrants and their descendants.

Applying family theory teaching, research, practice, life.

Applying Family Theory
Teaching, Research, Practice, Life (First Edition)

Applying Family Theory: Teaching, Research, Practice, Life introduces students to a variety of family theories and provides them with considerations for applying family theory across professional and personal contexts. The text equips readers with the knowledge and skills they need to use family theory for the betterment of families.

Designed to provide students with cutting-edge theory to guide family interactions, Applying Family Theory is an ideal textbook for courses and programs in family studies.

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